A Spanish-born businessman, he has spent 15 years of his professional life in the United States where he founded several successful companies in the finance, hospitality and real estate sectors. He started his career as a financial advisor for entrepreneurial business families that allowed him to develop significant insight in the dynamics that comprise Family Businesses.

In 2012, Ignacio moved to London, U.K. after taking a risky but significant decision to step out of his comfort zone and pursue his life’s purpose. He is dedicated to deepening his knowledge of what is now known as “the new paradigm of life and business”. Ignacio’s vision is to bring further awareness about this new paradigm to leaders around the world so they can create healthier business cultures and life balance. Currently in the early stages of development, this new focus is part of leadership and training programs for entrepreneurs and executives in both private and public Top Leading Firms in the World. Some of the most prestigious business schools are working to include this valuable learning into their academic curriculum. Ignacio holds a law degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain and an MBA in Finance by the University of Miami, Florida. He received a certification as a PNL Coach from the Superior Academy of Advanced Sciences & Mentoring, LDT. in London, England and completing in Aug 2014 the certification of the reputable international “Coaching for Leadership” program by The Tavistock Institute, London, UK.