A New Paradigm of Reality?

This book is about spirituality in the age of globalization, secularization and reductionist materialism, and outlines the ideal of living in line with Man’s spiritual nature. So it is not a book about religion, philosophy or theology, or about science, even though it does touch on philosophical, theological, religious and scientific issues. The fact is that spirituality is like a sword, inasmuch as it passes through all five human dimensions: religious, political, social, moral, and family. Yet it does not require a definitional connection because it does not fully identify with any of them.

This book has been written for anyone, whether they have religious beliefs or not, and regardless of the religious community to which they belong. It mentions great religious leaders, such as Jesus and Buddha, but only in their spiritual dimension, for their contribution to spirituality, not for their religious contribution.

It is worth mentioning here that when the term science or scientific is used, I am referring to science in the broad sense of the term and not only empirical-analytical science, because some of the realities being investigated cannot be subject to experimentation as of now. This will become clearer in chapter 8 of this work that deals with the problem of verification.

Broadly speaking, there is a common moral for all Mankind (murder is not “spiritual” in China, Honolulu or London), so too there is a common spirituality for the West and East that transcends all barriers when one opens up to transcendence. This book aims to unite, not divide, helping Mankind to raise its level of consciousness, allowing us to live a higher quality existence in accordance with our spiritual dimension.

Though it is not religious, this book speaks about God, the beauty of evolutionary creation and the gratitude that Man must feel at being part of the Universe. It presents a God who is transcendent and immanent, personal and impersonal at the same time, and whose presence in the Universe is real. The intention is not to create a new dogmatism but rather to offer a glimpse of what some of the new knowledge is pointing to. In this regard, this book may be rather eclectic, because it broaches issues that cannot be explained in depth in one single book.

The first part of this book outlines what some of the leading thinkers on science and philosophy have to say about reality and how this new vision of the world seems to be converging with what the Perennial Wisdom of Mankind has stated throughout history. The book also aims, in the second part, to explain what can happen to us when we are exposed to this new knowledge and how all of us can change inside ourselves in the light of this information…

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